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We invite you to capitalize on Saltwhistle Technology’s RF & Microwave broad engineering expertise. We will provide to you a focused design team that enables rapid product design and development.

Immediately expand your internal engineering capabilities and eliminate the time consuming process of hiring full-time employees that further dilute existing engineering assets. Eliminate the stretching of internal engineering resources that inevitably results in delayed product launches.   

Saltwhistle Technology is an experienced outsourcing partner with a network of suppliers that provide the care and attention required to execute quickly at low cost. We can provide you what you need when you need it.

Unlike internal project development, where it is difficult to control costs, an outsourcing partnership sets costs for each project stage thus preventing costs from spiraling out of control. 

Since our job as a partner is helping you succeed in your business we offer our customers nondisclosure agreements that include competitive exclusivity in their business arena.

Let us speed up your time to market.

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